The AI Future Of Business: 3 Big Shifts | Mike Walsh | Futurist Keynote Speaker

The AI-powered revolution has begun.

The AI-powered revolution has begun.

Customers are changing, generational priorities are shifting, and industries are being reshaped by the collision of machine learning and data-driven business models.

In this new world, only organizations willing to adapt, experiment and embracing learning at scale will succeed.

Mike Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing companies for the 21st century.


00:00 – The 3 Shifts
00:30 – 1. Business To Platforms
04:02 – 2. Transactions To Experiences
06:16 – 3. Data To Insights
08:02 – The Revolution Begins

The AI-Powered Organization

Mike is the author of ‘The Algorithmic Leader: How to be smart, when machines are smarter than you’.

There has never been a more important time to reinvent the organization. Remote work and the rise of generative AI platforms are just the beginning of a much bigger revolution that is set to reshape the future of work itself.

Rapid shifts in technology, customer needs and competitor dynamics are a prescription for a more agile, adaptive and resilient type of firm capable of integrating not only cutting edge technologies, but also embracing a new generation of talent as well.

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