Karine Perset presents OECD’s new AI Futures Expert Group at OECD.AI Expert Forum

The OECD recently created an expert group to address future AI scenarios, the AI Futures Expert Group.

Karine Perset, Head of OECD.AI, why OECD countries need to explore potential AI’s near and long-term implications.

AI is a rapidly evolving technology and could present many different future scenarios for which policy makers must try to prepare governments.

This group’s work will help governments to actively shape the future of AI and minimize the need to react to surprise developments.

The co-chairs of the AI Futures Expert Group:

  • Michael Schönstein, Head of Strategic Foresight and Analysis, German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
  • Stuart Russell, Professor at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • Francesca Rossi, IBM Fellow and AI Ethics Global Leader.

The Secretariat and co-chairs are currently exploring candidates for members and observers.

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